Nothing interesting to see here.

I’m someone that loves to train.  Whether it’s Crossfit, Weightlifting, or Yoga (a recent necessity as I age), I love to move.

When I can’t find something I like, I like to create things like:

  • The (8.5 X 11) Full Size LiFT Book Training Journal because:
    • I felt like I was writing crib notes when I used the hard copy training journals already on the market
    • Using online logging software took me longer to input my workout than it did to actually do the workout
  • WearFire Apparel because:
    • I was looking for something different and like playing with photoshop

While I think LiFT Book and the T-Shirts are pretty damn cool, I have no expectations of anyone actually buying my stuff.  The world would be boring if we all liked the same things.

That being said, if you do purchase one of my products, I thank you and I am grateful to be a tiny part of your fitness journey.